Teri, Survivor and Victim Advocate


Volunteer Advocates assist with our community outreach and prevention education programs and provide information on and promote awareness of all aspects of sexual violence.


These positions offer a meaningful way to support survivors without being involved with direct services. Fundraising volunteers work on committees, special events, and a range of other fundraising-related tasks. 

The SAAM committee prepares for the annual Take Back the Day 5K Run/Walk to Prevent Child Abuse and Sexual Violence.  Contact us if you are interested in volunteering. 


Some volunteers assist with special projects, data entry, and mailings, as needed during regular business hours.

educate yourself

What are the legal definitions of rape, sexual violence or child abuse?  What are my rights as a survivor?  Learn more here.

speak out 

No voice is too quiet to be heard.  Find out how to speak out against child abuse and sexual assault.   


No need is too small and no voice is too quiet to be heard. We will devote the time and energy necessary to educate, and advocate.


Rape Crisis impacted my life in ways I could never have imagined. My “normal” before help was its own form of insanity, and I don't even know how I survived the way I was living. Because of Rape Crisis, I went from being a perpetual victim of child sexual abuse to embracing my status as a survivor.  I was able to get the help and healing I needed.”  


I like coming in and helping people the best way I can, just trying to guide them through the process and being that advocate." 

Aja, Victim Advocate

We want victims to report sexual assault, and when they do, we need advocates to handle that caseload and to give people the help they deserve."

Danielle, Victim Advocate

​​​​​​​Rape Crisis And Sexual Assault Services 


become a VOLUNTEER victim advocate

AUGUST 22-26, 2019  |  University hospital

Thursday 5:30-9, Friday 5:30-9, Saturday 8-4, Sunday 1-5, Monday 5:30-9
Volunteer Advocates receive comprehensive 22-hour training to become a Volunteer Sexual Assault Victim Advocate. Volunteer Advocates are expected to provide on-call service for a minimum of 24 hours a month, respond to local hospitals within 30 minutes, provide advocacy and crisis intervention for survivors of child abuse and sexual assault (children, women, and men). They may also participate in community education and awareness activities and provide volunteer support to RCSAS special events and fundraisers.

The 22-hr training is held over five (5) days, six times per year and includes presentations by medical, law enforcement, and social service professionals, that provide training on topics such as trauma response, advocacy, social stigmas, and a self-defense class. Following the training, volunteers are mentored by current RCSAS staff to prepare for emergency room and hospital response.
Call 706-774-2746 for more information or emailvolunteerrcsas@uh.org

​Crisis Line: (706) 724-5200     OR    ​1-800-656-HOPE(4673) 


Volunteer Victim Advocates are the most critical component of Rape Crisis' services.  After receiving a comprehensive 30-hour training, Volunteer Advocates are expected to provide on-call service at a minimum of 24 hours per month, responding to crisis calls and local hospitals.  Advocates provide advocacy and crisis intervention for survivors of child abuse and sexual assault.