Building a Community Free of Sexual Violence

Rape Crisis & Sexual Assault Services

service area 

Rape Crisis & Sexual Assault Services provides services to residents in the 13-county Central Savannah River Area centered around Augusta, GA.  Direct emergency services are provided to all hospitals in Burke, Columbia, Jefferson, McDuffie, Richmond and Washington Counties in Georgia. 

Interested in training or community education?  

Rape Crisis provides training for professionals, presentations on child abuse and sexual assault for civic groups, and culturally- and age-appropriate community education for children, youth, and adults.  To inquire about scheduling a Rape Crisis staff person or volunteer to present to your group or organization, please contact us at 706-724-5200 or fill out the online form here.

1975 -  Rape Crisis & Sexual Assault Services (RCSAS) established as a community-based program out of a grassroots response to the needs of victims of rape, child abuse and sexual assault in Augusta, Georgia.  

1980 - 1985  - RCSAS operates as a direct service under the United Way of the CSRA.


1985 - 2012

RCSAS operates under the auspices of University Hospital and is a cost reimbursement program. University Hospital provides in-kind support and overall management.

In 2012, Rape Crisis & Sexual Assault Services served 286 children and adult victims of sexual assault, provided services to 13,818 children, women, and men and reached nearly 15,000 more through prevention education.

RCSAS provides training for professionals in nursing (S.A.N.E.), healthcare, law enforcement and first responders,  military, social service, mental health and addiction professionals, educators, parents and parent groups, and members of the faith community.  

Licensed counselors provide therapy and support groups for all survivors, regardless of how long ago the abuse occurred. 

Community education programs are provided at no cost to all members of the community, tailored to the relevant audience. 

4,451 in 14 years

4,451 Children, Female and Male survivors of sexual assault have been served by Rape Crisis from 2000 - 2014.  That's nearly ONE  victim EVERY DAY in the Augusta area.  

1 in 33 men

Will report an attempted or completed rape in their lifetime. 

1 in 6 women 

Will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime.  


Rape Crisis & Sexual Assault Services provides help at no cost for survivors of sexual assault and child sexual abuse and their families regardless of how long ago the abuse occurred and whether it was reported or not.  

Rape Crisis serves residents of over 13 counties, and provides direct services to all hospitals in Richmond, Burke, Columbia, Jefferson, and McDuffie Counties in Georgia.  

Sexual Assault is a crime.  It is motivated by a need to control, humiliate, and harm.  Sexual Assault is the most under-reported of all crimes.  Most often, people are sexually assaulted by someone they know.

Sexual assault is more widespread than most people recognize.  

    1 in 6 women ​will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime.

    1 in 33 men report an attempted or completed rape in their lifetime

    ​15% of all sexual assault victims are under the age of 12. 

    ​93% of child abuse victims ​know their attacker.

RCSAS History


RCSAS advocates for victim's rights and promotes survivor's right to know and choose possible courses of action.  


RCSAS offers evidence based prevention education programs to thousands of children, adolescents and adults each year.  Our goal is to stop sexual violence before it happens, reaching those audiences most as risk, reduce the stigmas associated with these crimes and expand the community's understanding of these issues. 

RCSAS provides a 24-hour crisis line with staff or trained volunteers available 7 days a week.

RCSAS provides advocacy & crisis intervention for survivors at the hospital, law enforcement, or court. 

RCSAS serves as a connector, providing information and referrals to various community resources.