Ways to Donate

Direct donations

Donate on the University Website

1. Go to www.universityhealth.org/charitable-giving/donate-now/
2. Choose the amount you would like to donate
3. Select Designation - Rape Crisis

Mail-in a check directly 

1. Write a check to Rape Crisis and Sexual Assault Services

2. Mail the check to the following address

University Hospital

Attention: Rape Crisis and Sexual Assault Services-8180

1350 Walton Way 

Augusta, GA 30901

Plan an event

We love our community and always enjoy being able to engage with people. You can always host an event and we would be more than happy to join! 

Some examples of events:

  • Percentage Nights

  • Health Fairs

  • Presentations

  • Speaking Engagements

engage with us digitally

Following us on Instagram or liking us on Facebook are both easy ways to support our efforts.

We love to see people speak up on issues and include our organization as a resource on social media. 

Like/comment/share our content because you never know when someone you are connected with might benefit from it. 

Show your support

Your donations go directly to our ongoing efforts to provide services to victims and their families as well as resources for our local community.